When will we/they ever learn ??

I tried to be liberal, I really did try,
I tried my utmost, to adore Stephen Fry!
But when I see headlines like those of today
my most basic instincts scream, some other way!
Our troops being killed by the Afghans they train
squandering resources, all wasted in vain.
We let Moat out of prison, to kill and to maim
then make out he’s a hero, for his victims, what a shame!
Let criminals go free! That’s the mantra we hear
while innocent folks stay indoors full of fear.
We pay Europe’s greedy, with huge sums of our gold
then welcome their multitudes, for OUR benefit we are told!!!
Our politicians promises before they were elected
within a few months, guess what? most are rejected.
We are taxed to the hilt, it’s for our own good
then see our MP’s claim far more than they should.
Our wild feral youths roam the streets causing havoc
waving ASBO’S aloft while they all run amok.

Surely now is the time to bring back sterner measures
A few strokes on the bottoms with canes or with leather!!!
No more TV’s in Jail, let them slop like before.....
no more halving of sentences make them longer, much more.
Stop the flood through our borders, make them far more secure
reduce welfare benefits, honest work is the cure.
But apart from all this, let us stop the pretence
that Britain’s still a World Power, it doesn’t make sense
to go on bombing people all over the place
to help our US Allies losing much too much face!
So who should we vote for, I’ll give you one guess
Enoch Powell, where are you, come clean up this mess!
MJD 14th July,2010

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