When I Save the World

When I save the world
Boom and Bust will be a thing of the past
I’ll have sold all of our gold for petty cash
Gordon Brown wears the crown in the Commons at last!
When I save the world,
All world leaders will pay homage to me
I’m the Man they’ll all be following, you’ll see,
All it took was taxpayers two trillion, for free!!
My world will be a one party place
All us Scots right on top of the heap,
IN my world I’d have a smile on my face
No more Blair to beware of when we’re in deep (exp del)
When I run the banks
All the stock markets will bow to my lead,
Global mortgages for those who don’t need,
For Hedge Fund Harry’s my heart just won’t bleed,
Miliband, Campbell, Darling, Jack Straw,
Who needs them, what were they really for?
You’ve got me, I’m GB, yes and I ‘ll save the world

When I save the world
There’ll be not one law that I will not bend,
All my enemies will now be my friends
Watch my lips, folks, when I‘ve saved the world
Say good bye to my three double chins,
Harriet Harman’s Gender-generous grins,
Kenneth Clarke’s big Cigar never wins
When I save the world

We’ll eat haggis, drink Scotch whiskey, not gins,
David Cameron will empty my bins,
I’ll forgive all of Mandelson’s sins when I save the World!
No elections at all when I save the World!!!!

Old Lyrics Lesley Bricusse
New Lyrics Michael Davidson 15.10.2008,
Original Music Cyril Chinadel
Apologies to Harry Secombe and Tony Bennet