I loved writing essays at school but during University, Dental School and subsequent practising years did not have much time to spare. However I started to write birthday and anniversary poems for nearest and dearest in the early 1990’s and joined Creative Writing workshops which sparked my enthusiasm. I love writing lyrics for big occasions and enjoy writing satirical verse and songs about the political scene in Britain..heaven knows there’s plenty of material!

Because our original family in Port Elizabeth has spread to all corners of the globe we enjoy travelling to the various celebrations and of course that always calls for a song ! Performing gives me great pleasure and playing piano as I did in my youth plus the confidence gained from the workshops, now allows me to play and sing (just about in key!) in all sorts of places. Once I get over the nervous quirks each time, that is!  I have written song lyrics for my daughters to perform as well and nothing gives an old dad more delight than appearing on a stage with all three of them!