At Sea, July 2008, Croatia

I stand alone on deck
In wonderment.
Behold a glassy calm ocean
frilled by scurrying shoals beneath.
Silence save for sail above me,
sensual hiss as prow bisects the swell.
Horizons distant gently swaying,
evening sun slowly sinks
midst reddened sky blanketing darkest blue.
Dolphins play alongside, smile as they pass
behind, below, ahead, whilst all the while
mocking us land-locked interlopers
with glorious nautical manoeuvres.
The wind grows, sails fill,
Persil-white sea-horses parade before
each strengthening gust.
We seek shelter, from black of night,
merciful haven for anchor to fall,
and, sail safely stowed,
to sleep , rhythmically rocking rest,
hearing only gentle gurgle
of crystal water ‘gainst welcoming wharf.

(c) Michael Davidson 2008