21ST jANUARY 2013

SORRY! SORRY! SORRY! I have been so remiss! Lots and lots have( should it be has?) happened since October 2010 the main thing being, apart from the continuing success in paperback, on e-book and Kindle of BROTHERS AND LOVERS  but in the closing months of 2012 my new novel QUADRANGULATION  WAS LAUNCHED!!.!!

And I'm SOOOO delighted to say it is on e-book and Kindle apart from being available on paperback

AND....a special aspect of QUADRANGULATION is that you can have a look at the video of it!!!

Just go to the following link:

don't be scared its just fiction!  

You can get a look at it on Amazon where I have already got a few 4 and 5 star reviews

Finally, on Saturday 26th January I will be signing copies of QUADRANGULATION at WATERSTONES at O2 on Finchley Road, Hampstead. Be great to see you there.

In the meantime, I am busy on 'Crystal's Story'

 Those of you who read  Brothers and Lovers will, I'm sure,  remember her and several of my male friends still ask me for her phone number!

Anyway, this is a bit of a challenge, that is, to write her story from a female point of view. Apart from the tangled episodes of her life when she was involved with Raymond  There was a huge amount in her life that should be told on its own so watch out, that may well be available if my creative energioes last, later this year!

And on top of all that I still yearn to publish a anthology of my poetry and prose for no other reason than I just love the idea of  getting all these bits of foolscap A4 into a little glossy...remember Odd Bedfellows?


30th October 2010  Book signing at Waterstones The Chimes Uxbridge

16th October 2010 Book signing at waterstones inHheme;l Hempstead

Dureing the period since October 2009 I have had successful book signings at Waterstones in Harrowe and Finchley Road Hampstead as well as one in Waitrose South Harrow. Looking forward to many more! 

October 2009
Hallelujah! Brothers and Lovers is selling online as well as to friends and family and so far the feedback has been great. Leah in LA suggested it would make a great movie with Charlize Theron as Crystal!!!. I'll drink to that! If Charlize agrees, I'll agree!!!

Book launches are to be held at Waterstones Bookstore in St Annes Harrow on 31st October, from 10.30 am and at Borders Bookstores  in Brent Cross, North London on Sunday 1st November from 11.00 am Busy weekend!!! The link to the flyer for these two dates is

The Harrow Observer has just printed an interview with the author of Brothers and Lovers.  Check it out here...

You can read the first online review by Dr S Issroff on -

September 2009
Hallelujah!!! 'Brothers and Lovers' is now available on line at or for purchase elsewhere. Also you can buy from which has better delivery worldwide. I feel a bit like an Obstetrician or a new father! Big thank you to SiobhanCurham, Laoise and Julia for the encouragement, patience and ability to tolerate my total preocupation with this project! 

July 2009
Am proud to announce the completion of my first novel which is now at the publishers! The original title was “Bond Fraternal” which I decided was too sophisticated and obscure for an airport bookshelf so it is now called “Brothers and Lovers”!!!

It is a story commencing in Port Elizabeth in the fifties and focuses on the sectarian hatred in South Africa not so much black white, but within the white groups themselves. The action moves from South Africa to England and has a Romeo/Juliet quality to the main characters. Enough said, you’ll have to buy the book!

May 2009
Currently working on latest novel.  Last lap!