The Belt of Life

It fits me so snugly, just like a glove,

tailored to measure from the One God with Love.

There’s my little red nipple, round like a plum,

a caress is forbidden but my moment will come.

I’m young, just fourteen ,but for certain I know

my destiny is just, rewards they will flow.

I hide in my room, far from all prying eyes

repeating my prayers taught to me by allies.

Last night when they came, I was told “FEEL THE JOY!”

Tomorrow you change into man from mere boy!

So awaiting bus, fully cloaked here I stand

Imam’s words in my heart, deep in Infidel land.

The buckles are tight, my breathing is short

I survey every face, I must not be caught.

The bus comes, I board, vibrant virgins not far,

I press the red nipple, shouting ALLAH AKHBAR!