I can only write when I’m smoking.

Problem is I gave up smoking at age eleven.

So instead I became a Dentist. 

This meant I could only smoke between patients. 

But I wasn’t smoking at all. 

So I spent 45 years of my life filling teeth. 

And not smoking. 

Now I’m a retired dentist. 

So I can write again. 

Mainly because I can smoke again. 

So, next to my PC I have an enormous humidor. 

Full of cigars which I'm not allowed to smoke in the house. 

That’s my problem. 

How to write a novel at the bottom of the garden. 

In England when it’s raining. 


So now you have my history, my previous profession, 

My addiction and my marital situation. 

Please buy my new novel, the price of cigars is rocketing. 

It’s called ‘Nicotine or Dentine’ a Dentist’s Dilemma. (just  kidding)

PS How d’you get cigar ash out from the keys of your PC? 

PPS I can write poetry too....

smoking a hubble-bubble

with plenty apple tobacco

no weed, that's trouble

but you think this blog is wacko?

Dedicated to the late Eric Donner, brilliant writer, poet and good friend who originated the "Prosette" format

MJD (C) 2009

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